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28 Apr

I wish I lived full-time in the Valley. Through the week I live in a lovely flat near the city centre in Edinburgh. It has big high ceilings and a lovely big kitchen. And a communal garden which I never use.

I miss my garden in the Valley. This weekend I hardly got anything done in the garden, but noticed cannellini beans and runner beans and broad beans all bursting up through the soil. I so want to be there to tend to the wee seedlings.

Rabbit stew

21 Apr

On Friday evening just before dusk we saw a wee rabbit in the yard, just by the car, outside the sitting room window.

The rabbit seemed quite happy, hopping about slowly, gently wibbling its little nose at us.

The next morning I was in my wee greenhouse and noticed that two seedtrays had been snuffled at, with the baby cabbage seedlings all scuffled about.

So, the cute wee rabbit was now a PEST.  And pest control is being considered.

I like rabbit stew.

My first swallow

20 Apr

Would you believe that we had our first Valley swallow at the weekend?

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