Recipe Index

This is an attempt at creating an index of my recipes, grouped by categories which may only really make sense to me. They are:

  • Preserves
  • Homebaking
  • Drinkies and other strange things
  • Supper and sides

Basically if it doesn’t fit in any of the other categories, it will be in the Drinkies/Other Strange Things one. Anyway, have a browse, find something that sounds intriguing and take a look. I’m not promising that all the recipes are perfect, but I’ve only included ones that work for me. Oh, and I should add that where recipes are by others, I have credited them, usually with a link so you can see more of what they cook. Where I wasn’t following someone else’s recipe there is no credit. If you think I’ve forgotten to credit you (or anyone else) in any recipe, my huge apologies, and do get in touch and I’ll sort it out.


Apple chutney

Hot tomato chutney

Lemon curd

Orange and ginger marmalade


Rhubarb chutney

Rhubarb marmalade

Spiced apple jelly

Wild Garlic Pesto


Biscuits – caraway biscuits

Biscuits – cheesy sesame biscuits

Biscuits – langues de chat

Biscuits – lemon kisses

Biscuits – melting moments

Biscuits – nutty ginger biscuits

Biscuits – sugar biscuits

Biscuits – Tollhouse cookies


Bread – your basic white loaf, no-kneading required

Bread – 5 seed loaf

Bread – brown soda bread

Bread – white cob loaf

Bread – white soda bread

Brownies – bacon maple brownies

Brownies – cardamom chocolate brownies

Brownies – triple chocolate ginger brownies

Buttery butteries

Cake – apricot upside down cake

Cake – banana chocolate nut cake

Cake – Boozy BozzyFest Cakes aka mini pear cakes with white choc and gin frosting 

Cake – filled meringue coffee cake

Cake – mini frangipane cakes

Cake – lemony almondy cake

Cake – lemony fudge cake

Cake – light Christmas cake

Cake – orange, almond and chocolate cake

Cake – shiny cake

Cake – spiced parsnip cake

Cake – springtime apple cake

Chilli chocolate tart

Energy bars

Florentine cookies

Ginger chocolate hearts

Macarons / Macaroons

Millionaire’s shortbread

Muffins – apple spice muffin

Muffins – beetroot cheesy muffins

Muffins – Christmas muffins (cranberry and clementine)

Muffins – gin and tonic muffins

Muffins – parmesan and courgette herby muffins

Muffins – tropical muffins

Scones – cheese scones

Scones – spicy cheese scones

Scones – sweet scones

Scones – tattie scones

Sweet and salty nutty bars

Drinkies and other strange things…

Blackcurrant cordial

Blackcurrant hooch

Butterscotch sauce (the easy peasy version)

Butterscotch sauce (the more spectacular one, from Miss Winifred Morgan)

Cranberry vanilla vodka

Cranberry sauce

Desert island bites (aka coconut truffles)

Elderflower vinegar


Hilda Gerber’s rich chocolate sauce

Ice cream – sweet and salty  smokiness


Mango salsa


Mint sugar

Plum brandy

Roasted spicy nuts

Roasted tomato sauce

Smoky pepper pesto

Sweet and salty nut brittle

Strawberry sugar

Sweet chilli dipping sauce

Tartare sauce

White chocolate and cardamom tablet

Wild Garlic Pesto 

Supper and sides

Autumn sausage supper

Beef stew

Beetroot and goats cheese jalousie

Beetroot and orange salad

Blackcurrant ripple icecream

Boiled egg

And another boiled egg


Broccoli and stilton soup

Brown stew

Brussels sprouts with chestnuts

Carrot soup

Cauliflower and blue cheese soup

Cheese and caramelised onion tart

Chicken chasseur

Chicken gumbo

Chicken liver pate

Chilli sweetcorn fritters with prawns

Chocolate panna cotta

Creamy brussels sprouts


Fish gratin

Gingered beef stew

Janssens Temptation

Lentil soup

Marmalade-y sausages

Mushroom stuffed chicken breasts


Patatas a la Extremena

Poached eggs

Pork with apple and sage

Pork with orange and thyme

Scotch eggs

Slow roasted peppers in a jar

Spicy turmeric chicken

Spinach soup

Spring quiche

Throw it in the oven chicken dinner

Vegetable broth

Winter salad

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