When life gives you lemons…

3 Jul

… make lemonade.

Take a bag of unwaxed lemons.  Or if you’re lucky enough to have a proper shop nearby, pick 6 gorgeous unwaxed lemons from a box and put them in your wicker basket, or a brown paper bag, and pay for them.

Anyway, peel those lemons.  Use a vegetable peeler, but once you’ve peeled off a strip of peel, go back over it with a sharp knife to remove all the white pith, to prevent that marmaladey taste.

I love lemons. I hate marmalade.

Put the lemon zest in a big bowl.  Add about 4 – 5oz sugar.  Just ordinary white granulated sugar is best, although usually I’m a fan of any other type of sugar.  Then juice all the lemons into the bowl too.

Add about 2.5 pints of boiling water from the kettle – really, it’s not an exact science, so don’t worry about measuring precisely.

Now, give it a quick stir and then leave it be for 24 hours.

Give it a stir, and taste to see if you think it needs more sugar.

Then strain it and bottle it, into sterilised bottles. Keep chilled.  Alternatively you could freeze it in labelled bags, like soup, ready to bring out on a hot summer’s day.  And you do know the best way to freeze soup is to pour it into a bag, then place the bag in a tupperware box of your choice.  Once it is frozen, remove the bag from the box and you can stack your soup easily.

Use diluted with soda water, or ordinary tap water and lots of ice.  Looks great in a jug with slices of lemon, and add sprigs of mint or basil if you like.  Personally I find that lemon and mint flavour a little too much like mouthwash.


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