No more white stuff

12 Jul

I went to see a nutritionist last week.  I’d been feeling lethargic and generally pretty unwell for quite a while, and I’ve been overweight for as long as I can recall, but more weight has gradually piled on top of what was already too heavy.

It was an interesting experience, not least because I was sitting in her house while the most incredible storm was happening outside.

Anyway, as a result I’m on a low carb, high protein diet.  I’m not eating any carbs for breakfast, and limiting them the rest of the day, but trying to cut out those refined white carbs altogether.  In addition to protein I must eat lots of green veg, darker green the better – so lots of spinach and savoy cabbage, both of which I love.  And I can have full fat yoghurt, which I’m loving.

After three days I’d lost 3lbs, which I figure is pretty good going.  And I’ve upped my walking and (probably because I’m eating lots of protein) I’ve pretty much ditched the snacks in the office.

So, this blog will no doubt start having slightly different recipes for a while, until I get my head round this new regime.  So far I’ve been keeping it pretty simple – salmon steaks with lettuce tonight, steak with spinach and savoy cabbage last night.  Chicken salads at lunchtime.  So, not so much a recipe as just putting foods together on a plate.


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