K is for….

6 Feb


I have a new toy: a vintage Kenwood Chef mixer. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

My Kenwood

My Kenwood


The famous K-beater

Kenwood Chef A901 (I think)

Go on, ask why I went for a Kenwood instead of a Kitchen Aid. Well, honestly, why would I prefer a Kitchen Aid?

I was brought up in a kitchen with a Kenwood (a 1960s model, so a decade older than my new acquisition), so I was always going to be biased towards Kenwood.

Kenwoods are British (developed by Ken Wood, of course!) and you know how I like to buy local.  They may no longer be made in Britain, but I’m pretty sure that the one I have was. And it’s now been recycled. Yay!

And you know what? I kinda feel that Kitchen Aids are all style over substance. Yes, they look sexy, with their glossy red bodies, and their sexy curves… made all the more so by those early images of Nigella on TV dipping her finger into cake mixture from the ever-present Kitchen Aid. I like an underdog. And I love my Kenwood Chef mixer.

I’ll update when I’ve done some homebaking.


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