Mint sugar

5 Jun

A while ago, you may remember, I made some pretty damn scrumptious cardamom chocolate brownies. Well, they got me thinking – surely there are other flavours which should belong in a chocolate brownie? And the obvious starting point was mint. Obvious because I like mint and dark chocolate, and obvious because I have oodles of mint in the garden. But then mint is like that, once you have a wee bit in the garden you have a whole garden full of the stuff. Just as well I love mint, eh?

But then I had to work out how to get the mint into the brownie. I could just chop up the leaves; I could infuse the butter; I could make a sugar syrup. But I decided that the mint flavour should come in the form of mint sugar, which is the easiest thing in the world, and might just be my new favourite thing.

Mint sugar

Get out your food processor, it’ll be worth it.

Put a cup of sugar and about 30 fresh mint leaves in the food processor, with the big blade fixed. Zizz it on max for a wee minute or so, until all the mint leaves are fine and the sugar itself has taken on a pale green tinge.


Pour it out of the food processor and put in a pretty jar, ready to sprinkle on fresh fruit, or use as a baking ingredient.

Top tip – if you’re the sort of person who wants to wash their mint, so that it doesn’t have cat pee, or fly poo on it, then go ahead and wash it. But I would suggest you make properly sure that it’s dry afterwards or you’ll end up with a smooshy glob in your food processor, and that would just be depressing after you’d gone to all that trouble to get it out from the back of your cupboard. On that note, if you’re the sort of person who uses their food processor ALL the time, then make sure it’s dry, or you’ll end up with that same smooshy glob.

Now, off you go and think of ways to enhance your life with mint sugar. Top of my list is those mint brownies, but surely there’s a mojito or a mint julep somewhere in my near future?


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