Fly little swallow, fly

31 Jan

On day 4 of my 100 days embroidery project I wrote the following:

Fly little swallow, fly.

I love the slow, methodical process of embroidery. I mean it’s really just paint by numbers for Elizabethan ladies isn’t it?

Anyway, my first swallow on this project is complete. I might mix it up a bit and do something else next instead of another swallow, what do you think?

I’m actually feeling quite proud of this. When I first thought of embellishing this smock, mum suggested swallows around the yoke. I loved the idea, and decided i would do it without once considering whether or not i actually could do it. And then I kept thinking what other motifs I could add… and in my head it all grew like topsy. And it was only then, as I was about to start that I remembered I haven’t embroidered anything for about 30 years. And I was never very good. I was overwhelmed.

But.. I’m also determined to create something remarkable, inspired by Mum and by memories.

Her short term memories slip away before they have time to lodge in her brain these days. But she still has stories of long ago. And oh such stories!

Dementia is confusing.. for the person with dementia and those around them. My wish is that nobody with dementia should go through it alone. Click on this link to make this true. Please.

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