19 Apr

Over the last couple of years all our lives have upended. We live differently to how we used to, and for me the biggest change in my day to day life is that I work remotely, no longer needing to commute into an office in Edinburgh every day.

As ever with change, there are challenges, but also opportunities.

The Captain and I have been planning how to make the most of a challenge which presented itself. Back at the turn of the year we decided that we would put our house on the market in order to buy Mum’s house, thus releasing the equity to pay for her ongoing care. The challenge of funding her ongoing care has transformed into an opportunity.

It’s taken a while to get things into place, but our house goes on the market this week.

We’ve been so very happy here, The Captain since the very start of the new millennium and me about 10 years later. We’ve knocked things down and The Captain has built things up; we’ve discovered the joy of keeping hens; we’ve eaten SO MANY fresh laid eggs; we’ve glugged a few bottles of wine as the sun goes down and we’ve woken to sensational sunrises; we’ve preserved apples, pears, plums, brambles, damsons from our garden and given so many jars of jams and jellies and chutneys away; I’ve knitted enough pairs of socks to survive an arctic winter; we’ve lived through near Arctic winters, and actually summery summers; we’ve survived a pandemic in glorious style; we’ve painted walls (I say ‘we’, but that was entirely The Captain); and painted them again (and again); we’ve spent Christmas Day on the Terrace, with snow falling on the awning; we’ve watched thunder clouds coming in and rainbows landing on the pots of gold in the fields next door; I’ve changed jobs several times, the Captain has retired; we’ve laughed so much (and cried, but much less). This truly has been a home filled with joy and with love.

But on to new adventures!

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