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The ginger grater

13 Jan
My ginger grater

My ginger grater

My ginger grater might be one of my favourite gadgets. Is it even a gadget? It is such a simple piece of equipment, and one I don’t think I have seen anywhere else.

As a child I loved being in the kitchen with my mother, and I remember this item sitting on the bottom of one of the shelves, never used. I’ve always known it was the ginger grater, but don’t recall it ever being used to grate ginger until I took ownership of it and grated some for myself. In the 60s and 70s we did have a piece of root ginger in the cupboard, but it must have been several years old and it was dry and old and wizened, nothing which could be grated on a piece of moulded glass.

My mother is regularly de-cluttering these days, in a way that I can only dream of (I seem to be continuing to do the polar opposite of de-cluttering, can I call it nesting? or just hoarding?) and on a recent visit back home she was delighted when I expressed interest in taking this item off her hands.

I won’t pretend that I use it often, but when I need a ginger grater, nothing else will do. An ordinary grater just doesn’t work in the same way. This well designed item ensures that you keep every last bit of the essence of the ginger root, the juice, but that the rough fibrous bits are left behind. And there is little chance you’ll end up with blood from grated knuckles in your ginger, as the grating bit isn’t that sharp. It’s just perfect for extracting the most gingeriness out of a piece of ginger.

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